What makes a great black tie event fabulous?

Tips for holding black tie events

If you are hosting a black tie event, you probably know better than anyone else that the evening can either be a great success or a big flop and it all depends on the planning that you put into it well before the actual date. To help you, here are some tips on how best to organise a formal event to make planning a little easier. The team at Modes would be very happy to help you with our fabulous range of ball gowns and black tie event wear so you look your very best on the big night.
Here are some of the cocktail dresses that are popular this season

Sleek cocktail dress for any black tie event


What is the event for?
To understand how to plan the evening it needs to be crystal clear to you as to what the event you are planning is for exactly. Is it for a fundraiser, just an evening of entertainment or for creating awareness about a social issue? This is something that should be abundantly clear to you so that the purpose of the evening is not lost in the chaos of planning.
Budgeting is key
No matter what the cost, you don’t want to end up broke after your formal evening. That is why you need to take stock of your resources, prepare a definite budget and stick to it while planning the event. Without a budget, chances are you’ll go overboard with your credit card expenses- a decision you’ll greatly regret later.
Prepare the guest list
To ensure that the evening goes off smoothly with the objectives of the event met, you need to give some thought as to who you want to invite to the party. For instance, you would want to invite wealthy corporate professionals to a fund-raiser gala so that your collections at the conclusion of the event are substantial.
Deadlines for every stage of the planning
To ensure that you don’t run out of time while planning, create and stick to realistic deadlines. Some of the things that you need to do much in advance would be booking the venue and hiring a caterer, whereas invitations can wait until everything is confirmed before being dispatched. So plan with deadlines to ensure there are no goof-ups.
Written agreements
If you want a professional entertainer, a formal speaker or a really well-known band at your event, you don’t want to leave all the discussions to be carried out just orally. Get a written agreement from these parties to ensure that they turn up at the event; otherwise you and your guests might well be disappointed at the end.
Menu and decorations
Once everything has been confirmed, invitations dispatched and some of the RSVP’s already collected, you can set the menu for the event. Guests must not under any circumstances feel like there isn’t enough food. Plan everything from the starters to the desserts carefully keeping the required quantities in mind. Plan whether you want your guests to enjoy an open bar, or pay after a few complimentary drinks, etc. Decorations too, need to fit the occasion. Multi-coloured balloons and crepe hangings hardly qualify for formal events! We also do a fine range of bridesmaid dresses and evening wear

For the men here is a video that will help you select your black tie suit

A couple enjoying a blacktie event

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