What are the latest trends for wedding dresses this season?

Let your wedding dress follow the latest trends this season
Wedding days are the most important day of any woman’s life. From hair and make-up to the event itself, everything needs to be perfect so dealing with experienced professional wedding planners and wedding dress suppliers is critical. It is a day that everyone is going to remember, and no one wants their wedding to leave bad memories.
Aside from every other person’s happiness, the fact remains that the bride and groom must also be happy. The bride, like every other bride in the world wishes to look her best. Of course, the jot of getting married is enough to give any woman the radiance she needs, but what completes her look is the wedding dress.
The wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of the wedding and is a reasonable part of the cost invested in getting married. So since you’re going to spend a good part of your wedding budget on to getting the perfect bridal gown, it is absolutely necessary for it to be flattering, gorgeous and trendy.
Here’s what is in fashion with wedding gowns this season.
Wearing it short
Not all wedding gowns needed to trail behind you for a good two feet. Alot of brides choose to wear their dresses short and it is in fashion this season. Display those wonderful legs under the skirt of your white dress. It’s chic, it’s in, and it’s exactly what you want to look great on your day. Example below
Flowing Wedding gowns
For those of you who like the more traditional look, a beautiful flowing gown is trending well in 2014 still. An example below

Ruffle up
The ruffle effect on any dress gives an impression of luxury, comfort, not to mention enhancing the entirety of your appearance. On your wedding day, taking the decision of adding a ruffle finish to the dress cannot go wrong. The dress can be trendy and cool and can even double up as a party dress with feathers added to the bodice or the trains.

Double Up
Sick of just white? Put some colour into your wedding by getting two dresses! Which rule book says that it is punishable by the law if you don’t stick to wearing just white on your special day? Haven’t you heard? Pink is the new white and this season, pink wedding dresses are totally in and precisely what you need to set yourself apart from other brides. Also we featured some beige coloured wedding dresses here and our lovely Kate below used a combination of a Dina Bar-el gown and a gorgeous chartruese to compliment Katherine’s striking red hair. Read more about it here

Lace with a twist
Sure, lacing isn’t a very new concept on wedding dresses, but this time round, fashion dictates that you wear the lace on the dress’s sleeves. Elegant, posh and very Kate Middleton, don’t you think? For a sexy, unique look, this dress is perfect on all scores.

Roses all the way
Rose finishes to your dress irrespective of the colour are going to make you bloom. Complementing your radiance and enhancing your dress, this is definitely the perfect finish for the perfect wedding dress.
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