The importance of the mother-of-the-bride at your wedding

He’s popped the question, and planning has began! Father will walk bride down the aisle, the girls will organise the hen’s do and your handsome groom will arrange the ceremonial cars. But what’s left for mum to do?

Plenty, actually.

Our list of mother-of-the-bride traditions can be used as rule or merely a guide, but it shows the importance of having mum by your side during this joyful (and often stressful!) time.

The budget
Mum has spent much of her life balancing household finances and knowing exactly how many groceries to buy that week to feed the family.
Consider her wisdom when discussing the wedding budget, including cost of catering, bride and groom attire, and venue hire.
And take advantage of her address book, seeking contacts that can cut costs in half – such as the local wine supplier who has been supplying quality wines since the 80’s at great prices and to match the food styles.

The kitchen tea
While the hen’s night is a time to let loose and bond over cocktails with the girls, the kitchen tea is an elegant affair traditionally held by the mother-of-the-bride.
This is your mother’s chance to spoil you and say goodbye before you leave the family nest to start your own.
Ask your bridal party to be on hand if she needs any help.

Traditionally, the mother-of-the-bride will act as host, greeting guests as they enter the church.
She will be the last to sit down as the bride approaches the aisle, and the first to show you your seat number at the reception.
Treat her to a day out and help her choose an elegant outfit to wear on the day. This will alleviate any nerves she’ll be feeling on being somewhat in the spotlight.

Your mind will be on many details during the planning season, so ask your mum to keep an eye out to make sure you keep a polite even keel.

Little things like asking her to research family or ethnic traditions, on you and your groom’s side, that can be incorporated into the wedding will help all family members feel involved.

She can also act as diplomat for any discussions on culling certain guests off the reception attendee list.

Being a mum
When you need a shoulder to cry on, and you will, mum will be there.

Perhaps, the most important job of them all.

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