Do bridesmaids dresses have to match

Wedding planning is progressing well this year and many to be brides and their mothers have been visiting either the bridal store or our two event wear stores to get the perfect wedding dress or chic Mother of the Bride dresses. The weather this winter has been up and down however we have had some stunning days and the shop has been very busy in the last few months with crystal clear days and beautiful blue skies that will hopefully reflect the perfect days for our brides.  Not only do they have the perfect man in their lives, but also the excitement of an impending wedding, happy faces and a memory that will last their whole lives.
Before we get into the question above we have an announcement!!

Our new store has just opened in Newmarket filled with the latest fashions.  You can find out more here

Newrange of bridesmaid dresses just landed

The question does arise on a regular basis, should the bridesmaid dresses match or is it now fashionable to have bridesmaid dresses that don’t match. This question we believe has arisen due to the groomsmen turning up in more casual wear and this trend seems to be spreading far and wide. We are seeing guys with braces, checked shirts, and even cowboy boots at some weddings

Also the girls seem to be doing it differently as well as shown below

We love the tonal purple bridesmaids at Khloe Kardashian’s wedding.

Well the girls always do things right and at Modes alot of our brides believe in gorgeous traditional weddings with matching bridesmaid dresses. So we cater for both tastes and leave it up to our valued clients to make the decision with our guidance.

We do see a lot of beach weddings where bridesmaid don’t wear matching dresses however this is perfectly acceptable if the weddings are informal however church weddings should have matching attire we believe
Thanks to all the brides who have sent in a few shots from their weddings showing the beautiful wedding dresses and the rest of the bridal party looking gorgeous as well.

We are getting some amazing photos in from our clients which we put on our Facebook page showing the Modes wedding dress plus the mother of the bride dresses and of course the matching bridesmaid dresses.
At this time so much focus goes onto the bride, groom, bridesmaid and bridesmaid party that one person in particular is a little left out. That person of course is the mother of the bride so we thought it might be nice to give some love to all the mother of the brides out there.

If you don’t already know, or you have not had the experience yet as your wedding is a few months away then you must know in advance that Mum is a very important person for your wedding. She has feelings too and is equally determined as you to ensure the special day is special and her daughter not only looks the best, but has the best day ever. Mum has been through it before remember, so listen to any advice given. It will help you on your day. A mother of the bride can add value with the decorations, the cake, the flowers, supervising the bridesmaid party when the bride is busy and numerous other important roles that add that special something to the day and make the wedding flow smoothly.

It is also important to the mother of the bride to have a beautiful dress of course. Our new store can help you there.

Below is a sample photo of a bridesmaid dresses that may be suitable for your occasion

Modes Bridal and Modes Eventwear are now both at 26 McColl Street, Newmarket.

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