Preparing for Your Wedding Dress Fitting: Everything You Need to Know

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For soon-to-be brides being as prepared as possible will occupy your mind as you make plans and set appointments before the big day. A crucial part of this is your wedding dress. It can bring out the best in your physical features and make you feel like royalty for your special day. In order to get a dress that’s just right for you, the fit has to be perfect; from the neck to the shoulders to the hips to the thighs. A little bit of preparation before your fitting can make the process far more productive and enjoyable making your ultimate bridal dress decision almost seamless.
If you have a wedding dress in mind, here are tips to help you on your first fitting appointment.

1. Start early

It’s the idea of running out of time, or having to make last minute changes that can bring on stressful situations for brides. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get the process started in good time. Many bridal boutiques are working 12 months in advance so hit the ground running as soon as there’s a ring on it (an engagement ring that is).
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2. Bring the exact undergarments 

What you wear under the dress is important for your fitting appointment. A strapless bra and neutral-coloured underwear allows you to focus on the dress without straps, lining or other colours showing. The fit showcases how the dress hugs your body and its curves. You will have a general idea how it will look during your big day.

3. Bring wedding shoes

Wear comfortable shoes if you are planning to visit many dress shops; however, bring the heels or shoes you plan to wear during the wedding. The pair you bring will affect how you will look and the measurements and adjustments the dressmaker needs to make. The inches the shoes it adds to your height will affect your walk, the length and your posture.

4. Take photos

You might remain undecided after fitting a handful of dresses. To resolve this, take pictures of the dresses that is on your shortlist. Take photos from different angles and review them; you can also show it to your friends or family whose opinion you trust. 

5. No makeup 

There is no black and white rule about wearing makeup for the fitting appointment. Some shops do not allow it because it may stain the dresses you fit. However, some brides-to-be want to see the makeup and the wedding dress they want to have on their big day. Bring your own makeup or wear light makeup for the fitting.

6. A second opinion

You might miss flaws or cannot choose among the dresses on your shortlist. In such cases, the second opinion of a friend or family member can help you make a decision. They will give their thoughts about the styles and colours of the dresses you have in mind.
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If you’re planning a 2020 wedding, we recommend you book a fitting at least 12 months in advance.

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