The Other White: 5 Neutral Colours for your Bridal Gown

Wedding dress with full skirt

White is often the common choice when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. However, for brides who want to go beyond the classic white dress but don’t want to go as far as an actual colour, neutrals are  a great option. If you’re opting for a neutral shade, get creative and bring out the best in your skin tone and look by opting to wear a colour that works for your overall look and gives your entire wedding  colour scheme a lift. Look gorgeous in cream, ecru, beige, eggshell white and blush. These hues are neutral and blend naturally with your skin colour and are also elegant.

1. Cream

Medium skin tone brides will look stunning and elegant in a cream-coloured wedding dress. This hue is neutral and complements colourful accessories you might want to wear during your big day. Pinkish skin undertones in this category will also look beautiful with a creamier-tinged dress. Play with the embroidery and design of the gown to suit your personality.
Wedding dress with full skirt

2. Beige

This hue is perfect for medium and dark skin tones. This neutral colour brings out the glow of your skin, if you fit into the two categories mentioned. Beige is a good alternative to the traditional coloured white dress. Play with different ideas for the dress such as neckline, shoulders, embroideries or other intricacies you might want to add to the gown. 

3. Ecru

If you are considering neutral coloured wedding dresses, ecru might just be the hue for you. Medium skin tones will look stunning wearing a dress in this colour. Dark skin brides will also look regal in an ecru gown. Match the wedding earrings and accessories with the dress you wear to become the bride you have always imagined.

4. Eggshell white

This white but not really white hue is ideal for darker skin tones. Dark skin brides will look stunning wearing this coloured wedding gown. Eggshell white is not top-of-mind colour, but it is a suitable alternative to the traditional white. Its darker shade complements brown, black and olive skin tones perfectly.

Off shoulder wedding gown full skirt
Egg shell white gown
5. Blush

Light and fair-skinned brides will look simply lovely wearing a blush-tinged bridal gown. This neutral colour complements fair skin tones and brings out the best in a potential wife to be. A simple dress in this hue looks elegant despite a lack of intricate embroidery. However, you can play with the colour and design it the way you want it.

If you follow bridal trends, you might have come across a gown in shades of buff and ginger. This is the colour that is between the shades of blush and champagne. It complements all skin tones, whether the bride to be is dark or fair-skinned. This neutral hue blends not just with any colour, but also brides who want to break away from the traditional white dress for her big day. It complements other colours that you may want to incorporate in your gown such as gold, ivory, black or bolder hues.
White is a neutral colour and is the main choice of many brides; however, you can get the simple yet queen-like look of this neutral hue by choosing a dress in ecru, blush, eggshell white, beige or cream. Look stunning on your big day by complementing the colour you have chosen with the right embroideries, accessories and design.
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