How to wear the ‘big dress’ trend to a wedding or special event

The ‘big dress’ is a trend that’s all over the runway this season and at star studded events. From Lady Gaga’s voluminous blue Valentino outfit at this years Golden Globes to Gemma Chan’s beautiful big, hot pink dress at the Oscar’s. 

Women who want to be noticed are no longer wearing a blazer or a sheath dress popularised with the sleek sexy styles of 2016. Instead, for special event dresses they’re wearing big dresses that exude confidence and, along with it, a need to be taken seriously. By opting for a big dress women are dressing on their own terms and having fun at the same time. The “big dress” is powerful, large, colourful, comfortable and commanding.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity or VIP to get this empowering look. Get your big dress customised or buy one off the rack.

How to get the look

Requests for the “big dress” began this ball season with big tuck pleats, hidden pockets and crinolene in the hemlines to balloon the skirt. For Mother of the Bride, this season has seen more volume to the skirts with godets (flare inserts) and more requests for A line skirts that accentuate the waistline and detract from the hip.

Sleeves and shoulders that accentuate

The emphasis this season is firmly placed on unusual sleeves and especially large sleeves with volume. Gone is the cold shoulder fitted look which has been replaced by angel sleeves with volume at the wrist and puff sleeves. We’ve even seen a resurgence of the leg of mutton sleeve with plenty of volume, particularly at the shoulder – reminiscent of lady Diana’s wedding gown.

Empowered not overpowered

There are a few things to look out for with the big dress to make sure it works for your size and figure type. This look will work for you as long as the sleeves aren’t so big they overpower your frame. Plus, you’ll need a bit of height to carry off a very heavy skirt. For those with petite figures, look to have styles adjusted to work for your size. Also, for women with a smaller frame, large prints can be overwhelming, so better to stick with a single colour. Large sleeves aren’t suited to large busts so work with your alteration specialist to ensure proportions will work for you

For wedding dresses, check that the aisle is wide enough for the skirt so that best advantage is made of the skirt on your entrance to the chapel. Similarly check that the car is big enough to manage the skirt volume without crushing it before your grand entry. 

Why choose between volume, colour or silhouette when you can have it all? Being bold with your special event dress will help you achieve a feminine look that embodies confidence and empowerment. So “Think Big” and be noticed. 

Our professional workroom at Modes enables personalised adjustments to help get the look you want that works for your figure. 

Whether it be for a wedding, school ball or other formal event, if you’re looking for a special event dress check out our Bridal Boutique and Eventwear site.

Call us on 09-520-6070 for more information, or pop in and visit our store 2/160 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland.

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