What if I don't want to Wear a White Wedding Dress?

Coloured wedding gown

We’ve all grown up with the idea of the fairytale white wedding dress, but this is a relatively recent phenomenon. Before World War II it was more common to invest in a gorgeous dress (probably not white) that could be worn again.
While some women flirt with the idea of not going with a white by choosing ivory, cream or a near white golden hue there’s only a few who will opt for an actual coloured wedding dress.
For those that simply don’t like white, or want to go with their absolute favourite colour on their big day, there are a multitude of options that will be absolutely stunning.
Whatever colour you choose, your dress certainly doesn’t need to be traditional, but it does need to invoke some drama. You can’t run the risk of a guest looking more gorgeous than the bride.

Here are 5 ideas for a bride-worthy stunning look that isn’t based around white:
  1. For a dramatic entry go for your favourite color such as a stunning red gown with a perfectly co-ordinated shoe and hair piece that enhance that look rather than fight it. Having the whole colour palette to choose from means you can pick a colour that suits your skin tone, and that goes with some special pieces of jewellery you’d like to show off.
  2. Daring black done well is also an option. While many tend to go for soft metallic or a pastel palette, black can be sleek and very flattering.
  3. A pretty print can be gorgeous. This is an option that has been taken up recently by more forward thinking summer brides. These gowns can still have a train and lots of greenery in the bouquet for a stunning playful look.
  4. It’s not just the colour that’s up for grabs. Different textures, tones, layers, beautiful hand sewn beading and lace applique can all feature in collections designed to suit all venue, budgets, figures and age groups. The gown might even be made up of separates or something that will shorten to a cocktail or day dress for later less formal events.
  5. Add styling to your special look by co-ordinating hair pieces, such as the new padded hair bands worn by the Royals. These can provide a dramatic alternative to a veil but still dress the head and separate the bride from her guests.

Whatever colour or style you go for, look for wedding specialists that offer a range of options. Also, those that have workroom facilities will ensure the perfect fit so that if you go for something other than the traditional gown you’ll still create a polished look finished to perfection.

Modes Bridal and Modes Eventwear are now both at 26 McColl Street, Newmarket.

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