What has Kat been up to?

Katherine has worked at Modes for 11 years.  We were all very excited when she announced she was getting married and there were a few guesses as to what she might wear.
Everyone was not at all surprised when she announced she was having 2 dresses and that one of them was a most unusual colour for a bride.

Katherine travels with me to Europe, Australia and New York regularly looking at Bridal and Black Tie collections and it did not take us long at all to pick the 2 dresses, one in cream to keep the very traditional groom happy and one in gorgeous chartruese to compliment Katherine’s striking red hair and allow her to make her own fashion statement.
Simple elegance was the order and both of us knew without any discusiion that the look was not going to be “fluffy” or too embellished.  The emphasis was a quality fabric and superb cut to show her “Pippa eat your heart out” figure.  This stance meant the gown would be a wonderful backdrop for some amazing jewellery and shoes, and give us the excuse to add these to the shopping list without Katherine’s partner lamenting – “not more shoes”.
Fortunately the sales were on in Barcelona so very high but stunning chartruese shoes were on special thus leaving a little extra for some pretty cool Peter Lang jewellery.
As I’d been given the job to “do the flowers” Katherine had even more time and budget to “do the other shoes”.

A simple silk tulle veil was all that was required, and the only thing Katherine had to make, to complete the look.  The tears in the groom’s eyes said it all as she floated down the aisle in her Dina Bar-el gown.  Katherine’s smile and slightly cheeky look of defiance confirmed that she was more than happy with the choice of a stunning Pronovias gown in bright chartruese silk chiffon, for the reception.
It also meant that she had 2 photo shoots for the event, one for each dress, thus ended up with the most amazing photographic record of her very special and most stunning day.

Modes Bridal and Modes Eventwear are now both at 26 McColl Street, Newmarket.

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