What color bridesmaid dresses with champagne wedding dress

The Question of the Bridesmaids Dress and what colours match what wedding dresses is very common at Modes, considering that we do provide champagne wedding dresses to many brides we thought a useful little article may be appropriate.

Deciding upon a bridesmaid dress is a complicated process and we believe too often not enough attention is paid to it. The dress must, of course, exalt the beauty of each individual bridesmaid as well as complementing and enhancing the bride’s own grace and presence.

It must be remembered that the wedding is an incredibly special and memorable day for your bridesmaids as well. The bridesmaids dress plays a huge part in what should be a cherished experience creating lifelong memories. Their dress takes on more importance than just a garment, it often becomes a physical reminder of a moment that they will treasure forever.

Recently a trend of the bridesmaid dresses not all matching each other has become popular. http://www.glamour.com/weddings/blogs/save-the-date/2013/10/is-it-finally-time-to-toss-the. This is partly because it solves the issue of finding a dress which suits each bridesmaids figure. Bridesmaids can determine their dress style and colour based on the parts of their body they wish to accentuate and their skin tone. This is something we cater for here at Modes.

Each individual then must address: what type of bridesmaid dress is best for my body type?

First and foremost in answering this question it is best to address length. The lengths of bridesmaids dresses can be broken down into three styles: cocktail length, tea length or floor length. If you wish to accentuate your legs a cocktail length dress is best. Conversely a floor length dress is the option for the lady who does not wish their legs to feature at all. Somewhere in between this the tea length is an option for those who like their ankles.

They next area where women’s preferences tend to vary is the bust.

For a smaller bust a halter neck bridesmaid dress works for those wanting to highlight their arms and shoulders, the spaghetti-strap dress also works for women this way inclined. Conversely these styles may not suit a larger bust and certainly won’t flatter broader shoulders. A large bust is well suited to a scoop neckline as it flatters and gives the wearer a shapely look. A strapless dress is best for a lady with a bust somewhere in the middle who desires a cut different to those already discussed. It can be a wonderful choice for the right shape, but for a smaller bust it can flatten the chest and it can be unflattering for the larger bust

At the other end of the spectrum different styles of neckline on a dress will work with most women and it becomes more a question of preference. A high neckline has been a popular trend over the last 12 months. A formal look is created by the high, sheer or illusion neckline and can work fantastically on most women. A ‘one shoulder’ (http://www.queeniebridesmaid.co.uk/one-shoulder-bridesmaid-dresses) is well suited to broader shoulders as it has the effect of narrowing them. In addition if you are choosing to wear matching dresses the ‘one shoulder’ also flatters most shapes. A (V-Neck) will also flatter almost universally. However, at a particularly formal wedding, especially a church wedding, a V-Neck which plunges too low can be inappropriate.

It’s important to remember that these are all decisions based around personal preference and how a lady wants to present themselves. There is no right or wrong answer and perhaps this is why these choices take careful consideration and extensive collaboration.
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