The Fascinating World of Fascinators

So much more than just a head piece of feathers, jewels and all things fabulous, fascinators are the very definition of glamour laced with just the right amount of whimsy. The term fascinator originally referred to a lace shawl worn around the head, but reemerged in modern times to describe headpieces that leaned more toward the decorative as opposed to the functional side of millinery.

Predominantly associated with formal eventwear or race wear, they can also add that ‘something extra’ or to provide Brides for example, with a modern alternative to the more traditional Bridal veil.

modes-event-wear-fascinators Most fascinators are worn using a comb or clip. It is best to attach the fascinator to a part of the hair that is, or can be backcombed slightly, as this will make it easier to secure. Typically worn off to one side of the head, at the back or in front, there are really no hard and fast conventions when it comes to how to wear your elegant headdress. In saying that, it would however be uncommon to see them worn right on top of the head, perhaps so as to avoid the appearance of being an actual hat. Unlike the hat, fascinators celebrate their frivolousness and can be worn all day without flattening your hairstyle.

Rest assured that there is a fascinator to suit every event and every personality. A good rule of thumb is that bigger personalities and/or more ample figure-types are best suited to larger styled headwear. A smaller more delicate fascinator is a good match for a small frame or for a more demure costume.

Cost can be quite variable depending on whether you opt to don a mass produced item (for the budget conscious), or a handcrafted designer piece. Be sure to seek assistance when making your selection so as to compliment your look.

For expert insights the team at Modes can offer you advice when choosing the perfect fascinator. Once you have chosen your headwear, be sure to approach your event ready to mingle; you will find that fascinators are an irrepressible source of conversation. And regardless of choice, remember, the essential ingredients to pulling off a fascinator are confidence and above all else, a keen sense of fun. Fascinators were created to be enjoyed and the right piece will enhance rather than detract.

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