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Like many other women I have dreamed about my “big day” for a long time, particularly about THE DRESS. Friends had told me to go look at one or two bridal boutiques and then go to Modes. They told me that once you have been to Modes you will understand the difference quality, craftsmanship, beautiful fabrics really make and you will understand why it is the ONLY place to choose a wedding dress in Auckland- they were 100% right!
I am impatient so I only looked at one store before Modes. Walking in to Modes was a wonderful experience from the get go- Sanja was the perfect guide through the experience of choosing a dream dress. She was helpful, knowledgeable, practical and ever willing to help, but never pushy or sales-y. I only had two problems at Modes- the first was selecting dresses to try on- I loved them all!! The selection was just fantastic, something for every body, style, occasion. Luckily I was allowed to try on as many as I could handle! The second problem was, I really loved them all, it was so hard to choose just one!
In order to help me decide on a dress (I could have chosen one of 8…), Sanja and the other ladies asked me to describe how I wanted to look, how I wanted to feel, what I thought would work best in our setting. I told them, I wanted to look glamorous and sophisticated with just a hint of sexy. I wanted a dress that wasn’t too much of a “look” that it would look dated in years to come. As our wedding was set to be in the height of summer on a farm overlooking the beach I needed something in which I would feel cool and comfortable wearing all day and night. Most importantly I wanted to wear something that would make my husband’s jaw drop when he saw me coming down the aisle!
Sanja and her team were very accommodating allowing me to return with an entourage of bridesmaids, aunties and champagne. I modelled a succession of dresses for them, each one more beautiful than the last. I left the best to last, and as I glided out of the changing room in THE DRESS and saw the faces of my friends and family I knew it was the one for me.
On our wedding day I hardly thought about THE DRESS. It was perfect, it was comfortable, it was sophisticated and glamorous with a hint of sexy- not worrying about my dress or how I looked allowed me to concentrate on the business of getting married, having a wonderful time and fielding an avalanche of lovely compliments.
I recommend Modes, Sanja and the rest of the team so highly. They made my wedding dreams come true!!

Modes Bridal and Modes Eventwear are now both at 26 McColl Street, Newmarket.

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