Memories of your wedding dress and your wedding day.

The Day That Memories Are Made
The congregation remark in breathless whispers as you glide elegantly into the room. Their eyes follow your every move and you feel like a Princess on your most glorious day.
In the silence of admiration, the ceremony begins. You are a vision of radiant beauty and for one moment feel as if you might awake from such a wondrous dream.
Your future partner looks upon you as if an angel has come to his side and the guests are filled with a sense of love in the reflection of your eyes.
You feel so special today, wearing an exquisite wedding dress that you chose from a designer collection and you can sense the envy of each of your closest friends, as they hope that they too can look like a million dollars on their own special day.
Your wedding veil helps to disguise the nervousness you feel and you know that when your wedding veil is lifted, the image of the beautiful moment will be complete.
The time arrives when your wedding vows are exchanged and the months of planning are finally reaching their climax with such an emotional impact.
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Your mind casts back and you feel so happy that every decision you had taken so far worked perfectly towards this moment.
The decisions you needed to take, the coordination of every detail, but most importantly all centred on the choosing of the one vital ingredient…Your Wedding Dress!
It was always a dilemma, your mother had her visions of this day, your father perhaps remained quiet in respect of a better understanding and You wanted more than anything to create the perfect memory for all to remember.
You listened to your friends and tried to decide on whether to buy a Wedding gown that was made especially for you, or whether to choose from the range of designer dresses already attracting you by their elegant styling.
You knew that a custom made dress would fit your body most perfectly but you were also aware that the designer detail gave an air of lavishness that you deserved for your special day.
As you moved amongst the designs on display, you asked many questions. Is it as easy to adjust these gowns as it is to create from the start?
Will it mean less visits for fitting when buying a designer wedding gown?
Are there a full range of accessories, such as wedding veils and bridesmaid dresses available for each design.
As the answers came one by one, you realised that the benefits of choosing a designer-made wedding gown were outweighing the more time consuming custom-made alternatives.
You also allowed yourself a wry smile as you heard your friends remark on the branding.
It seems so trivial to you but to some onlookers, it is almost essential.
You didn’t even ask how the pricing would vary. After all, this was your day and you know that a price tag is not ever going to make the final decision for you.
Above all other days, your Wedding Day is Your Special Day. It is the one day where you are absolutely central in the eyes of your friends and family. This one day deserves the right choices.
It all centres around your Wedding Dress so choose with your heart and create your day when memories are made!
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