Buying your wedding dress; FAQs for brides to be

Category: Bridal | Posted: 04.03.2020

For most brides finding your dream wedding dress is the most important step in the early stages of wedding planning. If you’re about to start looking for a wedding dress then the right information and preparation...

Bridal dress length 101

Category: Wedding dresses | Posted: 02.27.2020

The perfect wedding dress is a combination of all the small details that combine to make a gown both dramatic and gorgeous at the same time. From the colour to the beadwork to the stitching, one...

Preparing for Your Wedding Dress Fitting: Everything You Need to Know

Category: Wedding dresses | Posted: 01.20.2020

For soon-to-be brides being as prepared as possible will occupy your mind as you make plans and set appointments before the big day. A crucial part of this is your wedding dress. It can bring out...

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