10 expert tips for finding your dream wedding dress

Woman walking in Pronovias lace wedding gown

Imagine, walking down the aisle as the most beautiful woman in the room. The details of your dress the fit, the way it flows, the colour, the beadwork and the veil all coming together for the perfect look. Many women dream of their wedding day,  and naturally, want to get everything right. Once the wedding proposal has taken place, it’s time to get planning. If you want to make sure you get your dream wedding dress it’s best to get started dress hunting as soon as possible before your big day. That way you’ll have more than enough time to fit and make alterations if necessary.
Wedding dresses are our business, we see hundreds of brides a year, so we know exactly what to look out for to ensure a hassle free process. Here are our top 10 tips for finding the perfect wedding dress.

1. Body Type 

A dress may look stunning on a model, but it will look completely different on you. Understand your body type and identify which kind of dress accentuates your best features. Here are a handful of body types that may help you find the perfect dress:

  • Pear – weight is mostly around the lower part of the body such as the thighs and hips.
  • Tall and Slender – think models with long legs and slender frames.
  • Hourglass – bodies with small waists but full hips and bust.
  • Apple – weight mostly in the middle of the body.
2. Dress Style

Once you know the general body type you fall into, it is easier to find a dress type. Mermaid styles are ideal for women who fit the hourglass body type. With this kind of dress, they can choose which part of their body they would like to accentuate. A-Line dresses are perfect for apple shapes because it elongates the body. If you are tall and slender, the column dress is the option for you because of the way it contours the body from top to bottom. Ball gowns are the choice for women with a pear-shape body because it hides the size of the lower body while highlighting the waist.
Mermaid style wedding dress

3. Type of fabric

When you choose a wedding dress, the fabric is one part of the whole. There are different kinds of fabric such as brocade, batiste, charmeuse, chiffon and lace just to name a few. These are lightweight and are a combination of silk, cotton and other fabrics as well. Dressmakers combine these in some details of the dress such as its top layer, sleeves or the neckline. It’s a good idea to consider which fabrics will be most flattering for you. For example a heavy brocade over a full bust will add too much bulk to the bodice but would certainly enhance a smaller bust.

4. Colour of the Dress

The traditional wedding dress colour these days is mostly off white, but some women are getting creative with the colour of their dresses and their bridesmaids dresses. Light colours are popular tradition breakers, but some still wear deep red or even black dresses for their wedding. You might want to have a theme for your big day; this will be a deciding factor for the colour of your dress. Also, choose a colour that you know flatters your skin tone.
Coloured wedding gown

5. Neckline type

The neckline is one small detail, but it adds beauty to a dress and the person that wears it. The sweetheart neckline is the most popular because it fits all body types. The straight across neckline might be the best choice for broad shouldered women. The V-neck is another option because it shows just enough skin around the cleavage up to the shoulders. Other options are the asymmetric neckline, off-shoulder, high neck and halter neck.

6. Dress Fit

This one is crucial to get right. It is vital that you try the dress on in good time before your big day and have it fitted to fit you. Allow plenty of time to get in a couple of fittings and make sure you move around in the dress so that you know you are comfortable, it’s not too tight and that you can sit down easily in your dress. 

7. How it Makes you Feel

The details of your wedding dress might be perfect; its measurements highlighting your figure and best features, the lace work perfect and the length regal. However, something feels wrong after you look at a mirror. A good line of thinking when making your dress selection is that it makes you feel like the best version of you possible. Does the dress feel like you, or does it feel overdone or out of keeping with your personality. Answering this question will help you make your decision.

8. Go with a Friend

Another important factor is getting a second opinion; bring a friend with you during the taking of measurements and the fitting. He or she can see details or faults in a dress that you overlooked. They can give their opinion, make suggestions, take photo’s to refer back to, and help keep all the trying on fun.

9. Budget

When choosing your wedding dress, budget is one of the determining factors. Try not to get carried away and stick to the budget you’ve set. Find a balance that fits within your budget but allows you to have the quality and the look you want. Weddings can be costly but as you only intend to do this once, do not compromise your look for the sake of a few dollars- the old adage “if you are going to do something, do it right” certainly is relevant when talking about the one day all eyes will be on you.

10. Bridal store you can trust 

Choose a bridal store that has been around for a while with a reputation for quality product and that has the facilities to do the necessary adjustments, and who can also provide the veils and hairpieces etc.in a one stop shop. If your gown is in one place and you buy a veil in another for example, the colour may be a few shades off or the length too short for the train. It’s far easier to try it all together and have the expertise in one place to get you everything you need. Otherwise what you thought might work may turn out to be too much or too little or just not right.
Following these steps will guide you to finding the perfect wedding dress while reducing any stress and delays before your big day. 
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